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Vivienne Westwood: Queen of Punk Fashion

Fashion designers have their own trademark when it comes to fashion. Vivienne Westwood has her own style when designing clothes and shoes. The best way to describe it? Punk yet sexy.

Westwood was born in Glossopdale, Derbyshire with her father being a shoemaker. She grew up with basics of fashion. It was in the 1970’s and 1980’s when she started making punk style fashion with her collaboration with Malcolm McLaren. She label owned the label Anglomania in 1997. Her designs were even labeled as outrageous with touch of British elements.

As she rises from stardom of her career, she became even more popular after the prominent punk rock band Sex Pistols wore clothes of Westwood on their first gig. And from day on, her sense of punk fashion didn’t fade. She is known to be a master of extracting elements of past styles and modernize them and punk still lives on even today. Punk fashion composed of designs worked from historical factors by using cutting principles from 17th-18th century original to modernize designs. Vivienne Westwood designs also mostly very classic that could even let men and women for fashion’s Westwood pieces are simply a great investment for the future.

Vivienne Westwood also received awards. And in 2006, she won DBE in New Year’s Honours List “for services to fashion”. She also won three times as British Designer of the Year for her accomplishments on fashion industry. As a matter of fact she she and the Wedgwood pottery company launched a series of tea sets in December of 2003 which featured her designs. And her punk fashion were also featured in the 2008 Sex and the City movie.

Just like many other designer products, Vivienne’s collection can also be pricey. But if you are in love with punk fashion, there is no way not to take a chance and buy Westwood’s designs. Isn’t nice to know that you have a piece made by a designer, the most unique and individual British “punk” fashion designer ever.

Sophie Marie Capper is a self confess shoe addict. She loves to write more about designer shoes and love to have a collection of her own someday. Catch the latest on Vivienne Westwood or buy womens designer shoes online.

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Vivienne Westwood: Designer of Towering Heels

I am woman as well as I will be in vogue love with shoes the same as other ladies out there. In any case, if you are likely to have a look into my closet, you’ll able to notice some of my shoe collection. I have pairs of footwear from different designers, styles as well as colors. High heels are probably my favorites when it comes to style shoes or boots. And that’s the reason why I have three pairs of Vivienne Westwood shoes and boots furthermore I have want to add up some more. But why do I love these kind of shoes? If you are able to take a glance by one of its pairs, then you definitely will shout, “Who will bear that kind of shoes?”

For persons who don’t know who Vivienne Westwood is, she is mostly a well known English fashion designer who is responsible for bringing modern punk and newborn wave fashions into the mainstream for today’s craze era. Westwood’s enthusiasm in support of shoe designing all started while working with McLaren in the Seventies in London’s burgeoning punk scene. Ever since then, she established her own trade mark in 1980 to the present. She still collaborated together with designer Melissa within a formidable 2008 Anglomania-inspired High Winter Collection.

Vivienne Westwood shoes are mostly made with extremely high platform heels. Westwood’s shoes often bear multiple bows, buckles, ties, laces plus extra enhancing touches, often in unexpected places otherwise combinations. This designer shoes are known to be created using best materials and the most exclusive designs and are created for being fashionable, punk, comfortable and brilliant. It is also the main reason why Supermodel Naomi Campbell fell on the runway in the past during 2006 Paris Fashion Week. A lot of celebs were witnessed wearing this designer shoes. You might even spotted these shoes from famous stars in magazines and televisions. Celebrities like Kim Cattrall and Kate Moss are only some of the well-known women who admire these footwear.

This year, Westwood’s shoes collections added more sophisticated styles and colors. Her collections also added some flats with the use of dark colors together with great combos. Needless to say, her signature soaring high heels shoes never fade away. If you are not a lover of sky-scraping heels, so therefore don’t waste a particular dime to buy Westwood’s shoes or boots. And if you are a fan of tall heels, then you have a couple of Westwood shoes as part of your closet too. This footwear are simply must-haves.

Sophie Marie Capper is a self confess shoe addict. She loves to write more about designer shoes and love to have a collection of her own someday. Catch the latest on Vivienne Westwood Shoes or buy womens designer shoes online.

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The Top 10 Iconic Fashion Designers for 2010 Summer

Recently 10 magazine released the 10 separate covers of  top 10 fashion designers for Summer 2010.

Top Designers include:

Helmut Lang

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

Vivienne Westwood

Ralph Lauren

Karl Lagerfeld

Alber Elbaz

Azzedine Alaia

Donatella Versace

John Galliano

Tom Ford

It’s definitely one great list knowing that these designers have accomplished so much in the world of fashion.

Leona Lewis Avoided Bikini Photo Shoots

Leona Lewis, a well known singer who loves fashion, and enjoys wearing beautiful clothes and posing for magazine spreads recently said that having a photo shoot with a bikini is a big NO NO. She loves wearing ball gowns, and is regularly seen in Vivienne Westwood pieces and has also started to experiment with a more edgy look of late, and is enjoying it.

But with all the experiment from her looks in fashion, Leona is not yet ready to pose wearing bikinis.

“No weird sex books for me,” she explained. “I would never even do a bikini shoot. It’s too embarrassing.”

“I still love my big ball gowns with kind of a big twist to them,” she told the British edition of InStyle magazine. “But I also like Vivienne Westwood because she’s kind of punky and does nice shapes for ladies. I like Antonio Berardi because I like his shapes too. And William Tempest. And I like Stella McCartney because she’s got a vegetarian range.”

Way to go Leona!

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What happened to Vivienne Westwood Show?

After having a good night at her fashion shows, Vivienne Westwood walked with her models during the show’s finale when one person threw a stuffed cat at the designer. No one whoever knew who threw it but any assumed that it’s from PETA. Here’s the video:

Vivienne Westwood has Fallen in Love with Marvin of JLS

Vivienne Westwood has fallen in love with Marvin’s chiselled looks and has lined him up to model for her and with all JLS’s screaming teenage fans, it’s a surprise to hear that Marvin is a favorite of fashion dame Westwood.
“She’s amazing. We were introduced by mutal friends. She has this funny accent, she is all posh English one minute and then goes into Yorkshire the next. She asked me to walk the runway, and I was all up for doing it but we couldn’t work it out. That’s something I’d definitely love to do though.” said Marvin.
They’ve been on the music scene for less than a year and of course a lot of female fans have been screaming for their looks and songs, but JLS already have a large following.
It will be a great opportunity to be chosen by a famous icon. Well, we all know that fashion is all over the world, once you pose for a poster, it will be seen all over…Marvin will be so proud of himself, and that’s for sure.

Vivienne Westwood to Design Jeans


Who would have thought that the legendary fashion designer Vivienne Westwood will collaborate with Lee Jeans  for her Anglomania and Lee collection next autumn throughVivienne Westwood boutiques and selected retailers. Westwood’s collection will include superskinny jeans, microshorts and bondage jeans. She also chose great colors in a range of washes from indigo denim, metallic gold- and copper-colored denim.

Prices for the collection will range from about £80 to £200 pounds and the collection is planned to run for more than one season.

According to the managing director of Vivienne Westwood, “It is very important for us to work with a denim brand like Lee with such a strong heritage.