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Fashion Guru Manolo Blahnik and His Shoes

The world of fashion is made up of so many designer names. Almost one half is widely known and one half are on their way to stardom. Getting on to fashion industry is not easy. Mostly, designers started at the very bottom before going on top and before being so popular all over the world. Just like many other fashion designers, Manolo Blahnik also started being a no name when he started in his business.

Manolo Blahnik is a fashion designer from Spain and started his own line of shoes in 70’s. He later moved in Europe to continue his passion. The shoes were designed by himself and with brilliant ideas and skills throughout the shoes he designed all these years. Blahnik’s one of a kind design catches the heart of women and now his designs made him as the largest footwear industries and very famous in the world.

Just like famous shoes designers, Manolo Blahnik’s designers are classy and made up of high quality materials. His shoes come in many designs and colors to choose from. Women on their part can get the type of choose they want from Blahnik. Sexy shoes? Flats? Pumps? Boots? Manolo Blahniks designs are so lighthearted, comfortable and vibrant.

Having catchy designs is also a factor on Blahnik’s collection. He have shoes designs made from printed, satin, leather and some are seen in shiny or matte. As a matter of fact, his shoes are also praised by many celebrities in Hollywood. And celebrities who love to wear high heels considered having their own Manolo Blahinik shoes. Most of the time, women choose to buy four inches tall heels and there are some who prefer wearing flats. And it depends on the purpose, where you will be wearing that shoes.

Now, Blahnik has already gained much because of his designs and also in the world of fashion. And just like many other shoes designers, the price of the Manolo Blahnik products are quite expensive. Expensive that could let you spend hundreds and thousands of dollars just to get a pair of shoes. However, the quality is highly approved by many. So why think of the price when you can get you lovely shoes? Just spend wisely and buy shoes when you really need them. And if you buy for a collection, why not? As long as you can afford the numbers written on the tags.

Sophie Marie Capper is a self confess shoe addict. She loves to write more about designer shoes and love to have a collection of her own someday. Catch the latest on Manolo Blahniks Shoes for your wedding or buy womens designer shoes online.

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The Bachelor Wedding Featured Famous Designers

The wedding of The Bachelor Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney was full of fashion. If you are a fan of The Bachelor reality show, then probably you are familiar with their stories. At long last, Jason married Molly on February 27, 2010 at the Terranea Resort on the coast of Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

The wedding would not be complete without the wedding bands which is made exclusively for them by famous jeweler Neil Lane. Molly was very pretty that day with her precious strapless white high tailed mermaid ruffle dress from fashion designer Monique Lhullier.  Macy’s also took part on the a gift registry.
Celebrity stylist Ken Paves was Molly’s hair designer and on make up Mylah Morales, also a celebrity stylist.  Not only Molly wore Manolo Blahniks, but her bridesmaid’s fabulous green shoes are from Manolo Blahnik as well.

And for the groom and groomsmen, Jason wore black suit from Kenneth Cole.

Congrats to the new couple! 🙂

2010 Spring Summer Collection from Manolo Blahniks

There are countless celebrities who express their admirations to Manolo Blahniks shoes. Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna are two of the stars who are fell deeply in love with his shoes. Now that a new collection will be introduced this Spring/Summer, Manolo continues to let women choose and wear what is called high fashion shoes. Take a look at his fresh collections:

Walking in High Heels with Balance

“‘Balance is the most important aspect of creating a 115-millimeter heel. To achieve it, I use a compass, a ruler, my eyes and my hands.’ Some designers now use a CAD, or computer-assisted design, system in their work but Mr. Blahnik said he would rather do everything himself — ‘I am a traditionalist.” ~Manolo Blahnik

Women must admit that wearing high heels is not that easy. Imagine walking on your 4 inches high Manolo Blahniks or YSL shoes, aren’t your feet aching? Yes for sure. However, despite the painful downfalls of the so called high heel’s structure, a bit of science helps as that goes into the design just in order to make the shoe work.

In order to determine, a good balance must be achieved when making shoes. There must be a reinforced shank must be perfectly placed and angled in order to evenly distribute weight. Well known designers seem to all have their own different ideas when making shoes and also its proportions. For example, Manolo Blahnik caps off his stiletto height for about 4.5 inches however 160 millimeters, a little more than six inches.

Walking in heels might be hard, but what can you say when many women still loves wearing them?

2009 Emmy Awards Fashion

emmys part

September 20, 2009- A date where celebrities are joining once again to this big event and show off their fashion ideas. Aside from lovely gowns and hairstyles, designer shoes are also a huge factor. Celebrities always make it to the point to make their shoes match their elegant gown.

You will see that celebrities wear designer shoes such as Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Louis Vuitton and many others. As many fashion critics surrounding the event, it’s a must to stay poised and show what you’ve got. A woman who carry herself will grace and elegance can turn everyone around her.

Here are the photos from the Emmy’s. Try to look at how these celebrities mix and pair their shoes to their gowns…


High Heels


I’ve seen a lot of women wearing wrong shoes. What I mean is that they wear wrong color, design and how tall the heels should be. I am not an expert, but I know how to wear shoes in the right way, especially with the high heels. Women working in office wearing 6 inches high heels often feel uncomfortable if they wear it everyday isn’t it? 2 inches heels is the normal height of heels which many women find it comfortable to wear. However, many women are fond of wearing higher that that. Just like many celebrities, we also love to wear them on our feet. But before wearing you Manolo Blahniks or Louboutins, always make sure that you can handle how high heels are going to do with your feet.

Walking in high heels is never easy. I’ve tried it not only once and even felt the pain wearing them long time. As wearing high heeled shoes note sleep and can keep balance with difficulties. If your feet ache wearing them then it’s time to switch for lower one. Study shows that one may also suffer from an unpleasant, painful sensation under metatarsal bone heads, and eventually flatfoot development. Buy a pair of lower heels for work and reserve high heels when you want to exude sexiness.

A Taste Of Designer Shoes By Manolo

If there’s one designer that I like (well I have so many) Manolo Blahnik shoes is one on my list. He is the designer behind the shoes of famous Princess Dianna Kylie Minogue, Angelina Jolie and many others. As a designer of many shoes, Manolo designs for womens and provides different selections of shoes from different periods and the of course with modern times. Blanik started his career without anybody on his side. He worked alone without assistant. But his his creation’s popularity right now I'[m sure he has so many of them.

Manolo Blahnik’s factory is based in Parabiago, Italy. As a designer, unlike others Manolo only produces shoes just ess than a hundred pairs daily. That is to ensure quality the quality of every product he’s making and makes sure that he oversees the production of his designs in order to provide the best to his loyal customers. With that in mind, his shoes are subjected to almost 50 different processes in the production.

It is undoubtedly that Manolo Blahnik is such a genius when it comes to shoes. He is a legend and just like so many designers out there, he is won’t stop making high quality shoes for his clients. It is inevitable that the competitors are growing, but for sure designer like him will always stand up.