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Leona Lewis Avoided Bikini Photo Shoots

Leona Lewis, a well known singer who loves fashion, and enjoys wearing beautiful clothes and posing for magazine spreads recently said that having a photo shoot with a bikini is a big NO NO. She loves wearing ball gowns, and is regularly seen in Vivienne Westwood pieces and has also started to experiment with a more edgy look of late, and is enjoying it.

But with all the experiment from her looks in fashion, Leona is not yet ready to pose wearing bikinis.

“No weird sex books for me,” she explained. “I would never even do a bikini shoot. It’s too embarrassing.”

“I still love my big ball gowns with kind of a big twist to them,” she told the British edition of InStyle magazine. “But I also like Vivienne Westwood because she’s kind of punky and does nice shapes for ladies. I like Antonio Berardi because I like his shapes too. And William Tempest. And I like Stella McCartney because she’s got a vegetarian range.”

Way to go Leona!

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