Vivienne Westwood has Fallen in Love with Marvin of JLS

Vivienne Westwood has fallen in love with Marvin’s chiselled looks and has lined him up to model for her and with all JLS’s screaming teenage fans, it’s a surprise to hear that Marvin is a favorite of fashion dame Westwood.
“She’s amazing. We were introduced by mutal friends. She has this funny accent, she is all posh English one minute and then goes into Yorkshire the next. She asked me to walk the runway, and I was all up for doing it but we couldn’t work it out. That’s something I’d definitely love to do though.” said Marvin.
They’ve been on the music scene for less than a year and of course a lot of female fans have been screaming for their looks and songs, but JLS already have a large following.
It will be a great opportunity to be chosen by a famous icon. Well, we all know that fashion is all over the world, once you pose for a poster, it will be seen all over…Marvin will be so proud of himself, and that’s for sure.

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